Компании-производители измерительного оборудования

  • Aeroflex
    Radar stability, broadband, wireless, and phase noise test systems, IFR line of spectrum analyzers, signal and communications test sets

  • Agilent Technologies
    Basically, everything for every kind of testing need. Test equipment, racks, cables, adapters, amplifiers, cables, RF switches, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, communications test sets, multimeters, EEsof EDA products.

  • AnaPico
    Compact, low noise, and fast switching CW signal generators; portable, battery operated RF signal sources; microwave samplers and sampling subsystems.


Connectors, adapters, coax cable, terminations, attenuators, spectrum analyzers, vector network analyzers, power meters, signal generators and synthesizers and frequency counters, noise figure, optical test and measurement equipment, Bluetooth.

Marx generators having output pulses with ultrafast rise times, moderate pulse widths, and amplitudes ranging from tens of kV to several MV. RS-105 MIL-STD-461 E/F tester for EMI/EMC. Testing antennas.

Applied Instruments, Inc
800-244-2976 / Indianapolis, IN
RF noise and multi-carrier CW signal generators, signal monitors with AGC pilot control, noise power ratio test sets, spectrum analyzers & signal level meters for CATV & satellite, & return path test sets.

RF signal generators.

  • dBm Corp
    Noise generators, satellite link emulators, RF up/down converters, frequency synthesizers, attenuators.

  • Elmika UAB
    +370 5 233 34 26 / Vilnius, Lithuania
    Mm-wave measurement instruments (Sweep generators, SNA, VNA, direct reading attenuators) mm-wave waveguide components (couplers, tees, bends, twists, horns, detectors, mixers, …), waveguide components and assemblies for wireless applications.

    800-726-4442 / San Ramon, CA
    Microwave synthesizers, power measurement instruments, network analyzers.


  • Heuermann HF-Technik GmbH
    RF measurement technique: Non-linear S-parameter measurements, error-bar calculation for S-parameters, multi-port calibration without thru. RF-Lap-Timing for: Cars, bikes, ships, model planes. Generators: comb, pattern, patent techniques for low-noise. Transceiver: Patented dual-mode-radio, high security, low power, wireless and wired, UWB, 60 GHz, military. Microwave Security: Microwave gates and scanner.

  • Instek
    Spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, power supplies, signal/function generators, multimeters, component and safety testers, test leads and accessories.


  • Keithley Instruments
    Provider of RF test and measurement instrumentation including current/voltage source and measure products, data acquisition modules/cards, digital multimeters and data acquisition/switching systems, fast transient response and high voltage power supplies, optoelectronic test solutions.

Компания Keysight Technologies является лидером в области электронных измерений на протяжении уже более 75 лет.


  • Marconi Instruments/IFR (сейчас Aeroflex)


  • New Wave Instruments
    801-222-9734 / Provo, UT
    Fully-programmable PN sequence generators, designed primarily for developing and testing DSSS, FHSS, and CDMA spread-spectrum communication systems.


  • Pendulum Instruments
    +46 (0)8 598 510 00 / Bromma, Sweden
    +1 510-428-9488 / Oakland, CA
    Our products, which are developed and manufactured in-house, can be divided into four main categories: Time & Frequency Counters, Time & Frequency Standards, Synchronization products and Wireless products. Today we cooperate with major telecom operators and equipment manufacturers, military customers as well as test system builders and R&D groups in the electronic industry in general.

    Phase Matrix
    408-428-1000 / San Jose, CA
    RF and microwave test and measurement instruments, subsystems, and components. Benchtop frequency counters, modular (VXI) pulsed frequency counters, and modular (VXI and PXI) synthetic instruments, including down/up converters, synthesizers, and LOs for both commercial and military applications. Instrument-grade, fast-switching synthesizer modules. Narrowband and broadband microwave components, ranging from VCOs to complex custom-built assemblies for military instrumentation and telecommunications applications.

    Poseidon Scientific Instruments
    +61 8 9430 6639 / Fremantle, Australia
    Ultra low phase noise microwave oscillators, phase noise analyzers for 5 MHz to 18 GHz and above.

    217-897-1744 / Fisher, IL
    Test equipment to determine best layout for wireless communications systems. PAMS (Portable Attenuation Measurement System), PAMS-C (Commercial PAMS model), PathTrax, T-Meter broadband wireless power meter family, SEITS (Shielded Enclosure Isolation Test Set), single & dual output synthesizers, DDS, RF power management & monitoring.


Test & measurement, radio communications, broadcasting, antennas, IT security, signal intelligence, spectrum monitoring, trunked radio.
Измерительные приборы HAMEG — Осциллографы — Анализаторы сигналов и спектра — ПО для анализа сигналов — Анализаторы для аэронавигации — Генераторы сигналов — Испытание на ЭМС — Анализаторы электрических цепей — Системы тестирования радаров — Измерения мощности и напряжения — Аудиоанализаторы — Системы измерения покрытия — Радиокоммуникационные тестеры — Источники питания — САПР — Анализаторы кабелей и антенн — Компоненты систем — Измерительные антенны — Измерительное оборудование для телерадиовещания — Value Instruments — Оборудование для мобильных операторов — Системы с изменяемым импедансом нагрузки — Системы нелинейного анализа цепей — Измерение свойств материалов — Зондовые станции (измерения на подложках)

Electronic test instruments for broadcast, computer monitor, digital video, home theater, home automation, industrial/manufacturing, cable, consumer electronics, & HDTV industries, medical & test lab equipment.

Signal Forge
Digitally synthesized signal generator with 1 GHz range. A small (8.5″x5.5″x1.5″), affordable, high performance device features: Outputs include: AC coupled, differential and a digital output supporting 3.3V, 2.5V and 1.8V voltage levels. Sine wave, square wave — FSK, AM, OOK, ASK and arbitrary modulation modes, frequency sweep — TCXO provide outstanding performance, precision and accuracy.

High-speed data acquisition, real-time digital signal processing, signal data recording and arbitrary waveform generation products and systems for SIGINT, radar, medical imaging, aerospace.

  • Tektronix
    Test & measurement products including oscilloscopes, signal generators, logic analyzers, accessories, real-time spectrum analyzers, application testing software, communications products.

  • Windfreak Tech
    The Windfreak Synthesizer is a 137MHz to 4.4GHz software tunable, PLL synthesized RF signal generator, controlled and powered by a PC running Windows XP or Windows 7 via its USB port. Don’t pay thousands for an old HP signal generator!