Радио дизайн и технологии. RF Design

Радио дизайн и технологии. РЧ оборудование, его разработка, тестирование. схемотехника. RF Design

Тестовые модели сигналов (Test Model). Стандарты. Документы.


No new requirements were defined for these measurements, nor were the existing requirements changed. However, what did change were the test signals for the measurements. These correspond to the receiver and transmitter test configurations defined in TS 37.141.

TS 37.141 uses the following downlink test models or test signals from the existing single-RAT specifications for configuring the signals from the various standards in the transmitter test configurations:

  • WCDMA test model TM1 from TS 25.141, subclause,
  • TD-SCDMA test signal per Table 6.1A in TS 25.142, subclause,
  • LTE test model E-TM1 from TS 36.141, subclause,
  • GSM carriers should use a GMSK modulation as defined in TS 51.021, clause 6.2.2.

There are exceptions with respect to the modulation quality and frequency error measurements because different test models are used for these. See section 4.9.2 Test Models in the TS 37.141 specification for more information.

The UL signals for receiver tests are defined in more detail as part of the test configuration in section 1.3.2 of this application note as well as the test setup in chapter 3.