Радио дизайн и технологии. RF Design

Радио дизайн и технологии. РЧ оборудование, его разработка, тестирование. схемотехника. RF Design

Радиочастотные детекторы (RF Detectors)

Радиочастотные детекторы (RF Detectors)


Because of their fundamental rectifying characteristic, diodes have been used to generate dc voltages that are proportional to ac and RF signal levels for as long as there have been diodes. This article will compare the performance of diode-based RF and microwave with integrated circuit alternatives.  Download this Diode-Based RF Detector Technical Article to Learn:

  • Diode Based RF Transfer Function Linearity
  • How Diode Based RF Detectors Better Maintain RF Usability in Wide Temperature Ranges
  • The Integrated Diode Based RF Detector Advantage in Directly Driving  ADCs