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Тестовые модели сигналов (Test Model). Стандарты. Документы.


No new requirements were defined for these measurements, nor were the existing requirements changed. However, what did change were the test signals for the measurements. These correspond to the receiver and transmitter test configurations defined in TS 37.141.

TS 37.141 uses the following downlink test models or test signals from the existing single-RAT specifications for configuring the signals from the various standards in the transmitter test configurations:

  • WCDMA test model TM1 from TS 25.141, subclause,
  • TD-SCDMA test signal per Table 6.1A in TS 25.142, subclause,
  • LTE test model E-TM1 from TS 36.141, subclause,
  • GSM carriers should use a GMSK modulation as defined in TS 51.021, clause 6.2.2.

There are exceptions with respect to the modulation quality and frequency error measurements because different test models are used for these. See section 4.9.2 Test Models in the TS 37.141 specification for more information.

The UL signals for receiver tests are defined in more detail as part of the test configuration in section 1.3.2 of this application note as well as the test setup in chapter 3.

Материалы по тестированию от сайта RF Cafe

Test Methodology & Notes

This collection of RF, microwave, and analog test methodology notes from industry, academia, and personal websites will give you a good start in your search for assistance. If you cannot find what you need here, you might want to try a Google search.

Agilent Metrology Forum
«The Metrology Forum offers enlightenment to the uninitiated and soul-food for fellow calibration practitioners.» (their words, not mine)

AM Radio Field Strength Measurements
503-614-9800 / Beaverton, OR Knowledge of field strength confirms primary coverage over the city of license, quantifies additional areas served by the station, and assures directional protection of distant co-channel stations from Z Technology.

Anritsu Test Notes
Downloadable application notes on RF & microwave test methodology Antenna Pattern Measurements:
(1) Concepts & Techniques
(2) Theory & Equations
The first article of this two-part series explores the basic concepts and techniques of antenna pattern measurement and evaluates the benefits and drawbacks of various measurement methods. The concepts relating to near-field and far-field pattern testing are discussed as well. The second article presents the theory and equations governing antenna properties and includes a complete description of a site calibration for pattern-measurement testing. By Dr. Michael D. Foegelle.

Antenna Selection & Use for Outdoor Field Testing
503-614-9800 / Beaverton, OR
There are many antenna types available for signal coverage measurement. This application note will discuss some of the factors you should consider in making a selection, from Z Technology.

Bit Error Rate (BER) Testing
From Agilent Technologies

Bluetooth Testing
From Agilent Technologies.

Capacitor S-Parameter Measurements
From Johanson Technology

Delay By Events Trigger Qualifier
boonton.com/products/4400a-4500a/app notes/Delay by Events Trigger 4400A_4500A.pdf
From Boonton.

DTV Signal Coverage Measurements
503-614-9800 / Beaverton, OR
From Z Technology.

Implementation Effects on GSM’s EDGE Modulation
ETSI Standards by Stephan V. Schell.

Electronic vs. Mechanical Calibration Kits: Calibration Methods and Accuracy
The purpose of this paper is to clarify the differences between electronic and mechanical calibrations and how these differences affect measurement accuracy. From Agilent Technologies.

EMC — Reducing Measurement Uncertainty in EMC Test Laboratories
Compliments of Applied Electromagnetic Technology.

Finding Power/Ground Defects on Connectors — A New Approach
adcontent.reedbusiness.com/chipzlinks/Finding Connector Opens 20070613b-for-TMW-Aug-2008.pdf
Printed circuit boards are steadily becoming faster, and as a result, relatively ordinary defects in connectors and sockets can now have more subtle and damaging effects. At the same time these defects defy detection by conventional technologies. This paper surveys existing tests for these defects and introduces a new solution based on Network Parameter Measurements. By Agilent.

Frequency Counter Measurements
From Agilent Technologies.

Fundamentals of RF & Microwave Power Measurements
my.ece.ucsb.edu/yorklab/Useful Stuff/Tutorials/RFPower_Meas AN64-1B.pdf
Agilent Application Note 64-1B is a major revision of the 1977 edition of AN64-1, which has served for many years as a key reference for RF and microwave power measurement.

Gain Bandwidth Product Tests To Cut Production Costs
From Noisecom.

HSDPA Testing
Test methodologies must evolve as GSM and WCDMA combine with High-Speed Downlink Packet Access. Dr. Salim Manji, Spirent Communications — Test & Measurement World, 2/1/2006.

Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) Measurements of Ferrites
macom.com/Application Notes/pdf/ANI-001.pdf
From M/A-COM.

Intermodulation Measurements Theory
From Maury Microwave

Logic Analyzer Measurements
From Agilent Technologies

Measurement Uncertainty
Agilent Educator’s Corner feature.

Measuring Peak-To-Peak Average Power of Digitally Modulated Signals
From Boonton Electronics.

Network Analyzer Calibration
From Agilent Technologies.

Network Analyzer Measurements
From Agilent Technologies.

Noise Figure
Agilent note for using Spectrum Analyzer.

Oscilloscope Measurements
From Agilent Technologies.

Passive Intermod Measurements
From Summitek Instruments.

Power Supply Transient Response Considerations When Testing Portable Wireless Devices
A white paper, compliments of Keithley Instruments, by Kevin Cawley.

Metrology Forum
From Agilent Technologies.

Mixer Noise Measurements
From BesserNet.

Residual BER Measurement
From Agilent Technologies

RF Power Measurements
From Agilent Technologies

Selecting a DMM for Wireless Test Stations
A handy Keithley app note in a flow chart format.

Signal Generators
From Agilent Technologies.

Signal Generators
From Tektronix. «XYZs of Signal Generators» is an extensive document the covers from the basics to advanced techniques.

Spectrum Analyzer Basics
From Agilent Technologies

Spectrum Analyzer Measurements
From Agilent Technologies

Selecting a Spectrum Analyzer for Wireless
It’s important to select a spectrum analyzer with the features needed for design and debug of today’s wireless products, one that can not only help validate real-life performance, but also troubleshoot highly integrated transmitters. A tutorial by Tektronix.

Spectrum Analyzer Tutorials
This site is intended to explain the fundamentals of swept-tuned, superheterodyne spectrum analyzers and discuss the latest advances in spectrum analyzer capabilities.

800-835-9433 / Beaverton, OR
Test & measurement, communications and video test application notes and technical documents.

Test Equipment Usage: Suggestions for New Engineers
Here’s a bit of sage advice from the folks at High Frequency Electronic magazine. This tutorial is directed to inexperienced engineers and engineering students. The suggestions listed here are intended to help them avoid problems and make the best use of modern instruments and the internal “intelligence” built into them.

Testing Amplifier Linearity With Noise Power Ratio
From Noisecom.

Testing Modern Radios
Solutions for designing Software Defined Radios that employ legacy and modern modulation schemes with frequency hopping techniques. By Tektronix.

Uncertainty In Testing
From Agilent Technologies.

Understanding Linear Power Supply Operation
From Agilent Technologies.

Free VNA Calibration White Paper
by Rohde & Swartz

The Basics of ZigBee Transmitter Testing
National Instruments Alliance Partner SeaSolve has developed a test suite including transmit (Tx), receive (Rx) and compliance testing for ZigBee. In this application note, we will describe test methodologies and techniques for each type of testing.

Материалы по тестированию от сайта everything RF

Материалы по тестированию РЧ компонентов от сайта everything RF

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Помехи. Поиск и борьба с ними

Поиск источников помех

  • Fundamentals of Interference in Wireless Networks. Application Note. Anritsu Corporation.


  • Охота на помехи и мониторинг. (Interference Hunting & Monitoring). Библиотека компании Rohde & Schwarz.


  • Paul Denisowski. Art and Science of Interference Hunting. (Искусство охоты на помехи).






Пассивная интермодуляция ПИМ. Passive Intermodulation (PIM)

Тестирование радиооборудования. RF Device Testing

  • Introduction to LTE Device Testing — From Theory To Transmitter and Receiver Measurements.


  • Introduction to LTE Device Testing. From Theory To Transmitter and Receiver Measurements.


  • Jean-Jacques DeLisle. LTE Device Testing: from Theory to Measurement. Microwaves and RF.


  • Measurements on 3GPP WCDMA User Equipments According to Standard TS 34.121. Application Note 1MA68


Тестирование оборудования 3GPP WCDMA (UMTS)

· Measurements on 3GPP WCDMA User Equipments According to Standard TS 34.121. Application Note 1MA68.


· Practical Tips on WCDMA Measurements.


· Basis for a UMTS measurement recommendation.


· Practical Tips on WCDMA Measurements.



Тестирование OFDM



  • Advanced Measurement Techniques for OFDM- and MIMO-based Radio Systems: Demystifying WLAN and WiMAX Testing. 2009 Keithley Instruments, Inc.



Тестирование хендовера (Handovers)

  • Joona Vehanen. Handover between LTE and 3G Radio Access Technologies: Test measurement challenges and field environment test planning. (Магистерская работа. Англ.)


  • Testing Mobile Station Cell Transitions and Handovers. Application Note. Agilent Technologies, Inc. 2007. 5989-3949EN.


  • Shalini Saxena, Abhijit S.Pandya, Robert Stone, Saeed Rajput, Sam Hsu. Knowledge Discovery through Data Visualization of Drive Test Data. International Journal of Computer Science and Security (IJCSS), Volume (3): Issue (6) 559.


Тестирование Bluetooth


· Тестирование и анализ Bluetooth. Материалы от компании Tektronix