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  • Digital maestro electromagnetic waves and transmission lines and antennas, also java

Electro magnetic spectrum Electromagnetic spectrum overview

Electromagnetic spectrum Electromagnetic spectrum overview,  Radio Waves, Microwaves, Infra Red, The Visible Spectrum, Ultra Violet, Gamma Rays, x-Rays Diagram

Electromagnetic Spectrum electromagnetic spectrum related stuff, types of waves, Educypedia

Electromagnetic spectrum

Elektromagnetisch spectrum

Electromagnetic Spectrum

EM wave movies Polarization, Waves in Media, Reflection, Parallel-Plate, Dielectric-Slab, Transmission Line, Normal Modes, Transients, Hertzian Dipole, Two-Dipole Array, Four-Dipole Array

Electromagnetic Waves what are Electromagnetic Waves, Electromagnetic Waves explained

Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas the electronic textbook of electromagnetic waves and microwave techniques

EMF primer general information on electromagnetic waves and fields and discusses how exposure from such fields affect the human body. The concept of Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is discussed


HF radio propagation pdf file

HF radio propagation

Microwave devices ppt file

Microwave engineering concepts and nomenclature

Micro waves waveguide theory and application, developing the waveguide from parallel lines, energy propagation in waveguides, magnetic field, pattern in a waveguide, radiation from probe placed in a waveguide, waveguide modes of operation, waveguide impedance matching, waveguide terminations, magnetron, antennas, circuits, horn antenna, klystron, microwaves tubes

Polarization of waves Linear waves, Circular waves, Elliptical waves

RF directional couplers the best theoretical performance available from a directional coupler, using ideal transformers, is a function of the turns ratio, and the terminating impedances

Sending electromagnetic power from place to place ionosphere, atmosphere, radiation, noise power, cosmic background radiation, The effects of the ground and ionosphere

Waveguides waveguides are the most efficient way to transfer electromagnetic energy. Waveguides are essentially coaxial lines without center conductors. They are constructed from conductive material and may be rectangular, circular, or elliptical in shape. A waveguide is forming by adding quarter-wave sections shorted at one end on each side of a two-wire line. The lines become part of the walls of the waveguide, as illustrated in the following figure. The energy is then conducted within the hollow waveguide instead of along the two-wire transmission line

Wireless networking Free Space Loss, FSL, Fresnel Zone, Receiver Sensitivity, Antenna Gain, Transmit Power, Effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP), System Operating Margin, Multipath Interference, Line of Sight, Fresnel boundaries, Clearance, Refraction, Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), pdf file

Wireless networking Wireless Technologies, Types of Wireless Technology, Base Station, Introduction to QAM, Advanced Signaling Techniques Used to Mitigate Multipath, QAM with DFE, Spread Spectrum, FHHS, FDM, OFDM, VOFDM

Wireless networking Point to Multipoint, free space propagation, Path loss exponent, Line of Sight

Прохождение, распространение радиоволн

  • HF radio propagation primer Flash movie to learn how HF or «Short-wave» radio works. Learn about the Ionosphere, Solar Flares, and why radio waves skip or refract off of the different layers of the Ionosphere. Learn how space weather affects radio conditions

Ionospheric propagation explained


Propagation of waves propagation, radio is all about the transmission of radio waves from place-to-place without wires. Signals travel from the transmitting antenna to the receiving antenna in different ways depending on the frequency used. Some frequencies use the ionosphere to bounce signals around the world while other frequencies can only be used for line-of-sight operations

Propagation primer

Radio propagation pdf file

Radio propagation principles of radio propagation

Radio propagation principles of radio propagation, Radio propagation is a term used to explain how radio waves behave when they are transmitted, or are propagated from one point on the Earth to another, …

Radio propagation pdf file

Radio propagation models Path Loss: Models of «large-scale effects», Free Space Propagation, Propagation over a Plane Earth, UHF Mobile Communication, Diffraction loss, Total Path loss, Statistical Path Loss Law, Depth of Shadowing, Multiple log-normal signals, Multipath Reception, Rician fading, PDF of signal amplitude, Rayleigh fading, Analog Transmission over Fading Channels, …

Radiowave propagation Review of Plane Waves, Transmission Lines and Waveguides, Review of Antennas, Systems and Noise, Microwave Optics, Propagation Near the Earth’s Surface, Ionospheric Radiowave Propagation, Electromagnetic Radiation Hazards, Atmospheric Nuclear Effects

Radiowave propagation Radiowave propagation, pdf file

Radio-wave propagation basics pdf file

Rayleigh Fading Rayleigh fading is caused by multipath reception, …

Rayleigh Fading Rayleigh fading, Multipath Reception

RF propagation RF propagation, Free-space Loss, Total Path Loss, Fading, Fade margin, Fresnel Loss, FSL, Fresnel Zone, Receiver Sensitivity, Fresnel boundaries, Clearance, Refraction

RF propagation RF propagation, Line-of-Sight Propagation and the Radio Horizon, Electromagnetic wave propagation, Indirect or Obstructed Propagation, Tropospheric Propagation, Ionospheric Propagation, Propagation Effects as a Function of Frequency, Electromagnetics and RF Propagation, Electromagnetic Waves in a Lossy Dielectric or Conductor, Electromagnetic Waves in a Conductor, Near-Earth Propagation Models, pdf file

  • Signal propagation Signal propagation, Free-space Loss, Total Path Loss, Fading, Fade margin, Fresnel Loss, FSL, Fresnel Zone, Receiver Sensitivity, Fresnel boundaries, Clearance, Refraction, ppt file

Sky Wave Propagation Sky Wave Propagation, Propagation beyond the line of sight is possible through sky waves. Sky waves are radio waves that propagate into the atmosphere and then are returned to earth at some distance from the transmitter, ionospheric refraction, tropospheric scatter

Space Wave Propagation Space Wave Propagation

Traveling wave Traveling waves, swf file

VHF Propagation Maps VHF Propagation Maps